Jungle Color Changing Umbrella

Rainy days become something to look forward to!

Printed all around this clear plastic umbrella are all sorts of fun and friendly jungle animals. But... many of their colors are missing...

Once the clouds cover the sky and the rain starts to fall, step outside with this umbrella above your head. Suddenly, the animals become more vibrant and more beautiful!

Discover the joy in rainy weather with the Jungle Color Changing Umbrella.

Jungle Color Changing Umbrella

  • Jungle-themed umbrella with colors that appear only when wet
  • Encourages outdoor play, helps remove the gloom from rainy weather
  • Clear plastic umbrella printed with fun jungle animals
  • Some animals are missing their color - Color appears when umbrella is wet from rain
  • Includes one color-changing umbrella
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability